Between time and space is the body and a place where theatre and dance intersect.

Continuum is a training/creative play / improvised performance experience open to all performers and makers of both theatre and dance persuasions.  Since 2016 Continuum has been a regular inclusion in Loud Mouth Theatre’s Dark Nights program and was included in the Salamanca Moves festival.

Drawing on 15+ years using physical improvisation and ensemble practice, including Viewpoints (Anne Bogart) and Self with Others (John Britton), to teach and create theatre, director Julie Waddington will participants in an intensive workshop of performance training and making through improvisation, leading into an open showing of improvised performance.

Continuum2017 #2 workshop and performance will be part of Loud Mouth Theatre’s Dark Nights – Jeckyll & Hyde season at The Goods Shed in November.

In August / September 2017 Julie will offer Continuum Meditation sessions – active meditation for performers at kdcWORKS – SoHo Living Arts Centre.


Continuum involved play, space, openness and impulsiveness. If you’ve ever wanted to give something like this a try… this is the time. Don’t think, just do. Julie is a fantastic guide who both accepts and challenges us in a space of play. ~ Simone Dobber

Continuum is a playground for performance artists. A space to offer and receive, but above all a rare place to play. ~ Brooke Everingham

Continuum was inspiring and invigorating. It was such a warm, encouraging environment in which to explore creatively. I left the day feeling charged! ~ Carrie McLean

I have deep respect for Julie’s passionate attention to impulse and creating an open space for experimentation and joy. Her work is rich and has made a strong influence upon my own artistic practise. Aged 13, her teaching led me to first discover physical theatre, which has since encouraged me to train internationally in improvisation and movement. Continuum offers a chance to connect and improvise, giving performers a dynamic first experience of the rich nature ensemble work generates. ~ Bella Young

Working with Julie opened up a whole new way of exploring my craft. Julie gave me the biggest gift as an actor which was allowing me a way to get out of my head and into my body. She empowered me with a set of tools to explore a scene, characters and my own body which I have taken with me and continue to use on every job. She has been perfecting her craft and her process for so long, you feel safe and supported and I would encourage anyone wanting to challenge themselves and learn about this unique and enlightening process to work with Julie. She really is the best. ~ Katie Robertson