Have you been to the CITY? Bright lights, traffic lights, so many people, so busy, big roads, big shops, fast cars, fast food, so many choices. What happens there? What adventures, mysteries, and surprises?

In 2009 Big Smoke artists collaborated with over 350 children from across the Riverland to contribute to the creation of an exciting new play for children. In 2010 RYT youth members  worked alongside the creative team to bring the script to life in a dynamic, quality touring production. RYT partnered with TAFE SA and Riverland Libraries to provide a range of creative workshops alongside the production playing in major towns across the Riverland for school and community audiences.

Jimmy McCourt and Bethany Bishop live side by side, the under the bridge on Cloveny Street. Today the school is closed, today they are going with Jimmy’s Dad to work and today Bethany has one of her great ideas…

Director: Julie Waddington
Writer: Finegan Kruckemeyer
Designer: Kathryn Sproul
Composer: Ian Moorhead
Stage Manager: Jessica Smithett

Emma Beech: Bethany Bishop
Hew Parham: Jimmy McCourt
Jessica Graham Richards: Mr McCourt / Nigel / Ninja
Alysha Herrmann: Mrs Hilary Royson / Mr Taxi Man / Ninja
Shaylee Leach: Hotdog Vendor / Sandra / Ninja
Brianna Obst: Bethany’s Mum / Miriam Fletch / Year 8’s / Ninja
Jessica Weidenhofer: Jimmy’s Mum / Policeman / Ninja