Julie Waddington was Artistic Director and CEO of  Riverland Youth Theatre (RYT) from January 2007 to May 2010.  During that time Julie planned and delivered a number of youth lead, professional artist supported projects including HOONS, Colliding Worlds / Wireless Voices and BigSmoke.

Riverland Youth Theatre (RYT) services the Riverland of South Australia, a region extending over 150kms along the Murray River from Blanchetown to the Victorian border, encompassing five major townships (Barmera, Berri, Renmark, Loxton & Waikerie) and surrounding communities. As the only dedicated Youth Arts organisation in the region, RYT seeks to provide a platform for the positive promotion of youth culture.  Activities are tailored to the specific demands of Riverland communities. 

RYT is one of only two regional youth theatre companies in South Australia. In 2010 the company celebrated 25 years of offering young people across the Riverland relevant and high quality performing arts experiences. This includes opportunities to develop their own creative expression, increase their performance and technical skills, follow personal career development pathways and produce quality contemporary theatre that is relevant to them, their cultures and communities.

RYT responds to the culture of the place it inhabits by creating work that provides a voice for its young people and ensures that they are heard. RYT breaks down cultural and geographical barriers by working with the community to respond to the social needs of young people.

While RYT’ s central focus is on high quality artistic outcomes and opportunities for young people, through the very nature of the artistic process and through the strategic partnerships we form with other community service providers, secondary outcomes in areas such as health, welfare, justice and cultural awareness are engrained in our work.